UAV Drones

UAV Drones

Eagle Vision has always been a standout company for aerial photography and video, but NOW we have entered into a whole new niche in the world of aerial video and photography. This amazing technology is a wonderful alternative to expensive helicopter flights for your video and photography needs. We can capture not only wide skyline shots that helicopter cinematography/photography is known for, but we are also able to operate in areas that helicopters cannot – at a fraction of the cost! 

We are fully licensed, insured and operate under Transport Canada's strict safety specifications. 

The Quadcopter and Octocopter units can be used for:

  • pipeline inspections 
  • flare stack inspections 
  • GPS-tagged project overviews
  • construction projects
  • display a unique vantage point of your facility for your website.
  • Real estate
  • Home, acreage or farm photography/video


We are currently offer a 10% discount on your first flight. Call or email us for additional information or to book.

Phone: 250.271.4898


That being said there are aspects where Helicopters will STILL be the way to go, depending on the situation. Eagle Vision will continue to fly with local company, Baileys Helicopters based out of Fort St. John. Their pilots mixed with our camera crew and communication will get you the shot you want, just the way you want it.