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The Production So Far - 6

The truly incredible aspect of my job is that it’s very rare to have two weeks identical to each other. For that reason, this week I have decided to show you two slideshows. One is of my coworkers and how I get to see them when they are on the job. The second is a few shots I was able to capture on a one-day job up to Hudson’s Hope.

It feels sometimes like this blog is just for me to tell you all how incredible each and everyone of my coworkers are! I’m so lucky to work with these positive, supportive, creative and very unique people. You won’t always see everyone in my blog each week because some people may be on holidays or I might not have had a chance to work with them that week. So I apologise if you aren’t seeing someone as much as another person.

A very wise person once told me, “Lean into what you like, be your authentic self and you will find your style.” There are going to be a lot of people telling you how your shots should look. Taking positive criticism and learning from it is always good, however if you are trying to find your style or your look, it’s okay to take your time and find what speaks to you. Not only that but as you grow so will your style, leave room to be the type of photographer you want to be. Very few people find it right away, for most of us it take years and you never know when you get there. So take your time to really enjoy learning about yourself along the way because you’re awesome!

Make Memories and Stay Creative!