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It's Here - The opioid crisis in Fort St John 2019

It was a privilege working with the Rcmp in the City of Fort St. JohnUrban Systems Ltd. (Fort St. John Branch), Urban Matters and all the other individuals in the video and on the Steering Committee. Thank you for including us in this important project. 

Please watch, share and note the additional points below Fort St. John Women's Resource Society:

Ways you can help:

1) You can do this by having a Naloxone kit and knowing how to use it. Learn CRP and how to administer Naloxone.

2) If you are a drug user, don't use alone. Have a person who is able to assist, administer Naloxone and call 911 should an overdose occur.

3) Get your drugs tested for the presence of Fentanyl. This anonymous service is provided by the Women's Resource Society. It's important to know how to take safety precautions if Fentanyl is present.

4) Most importantly CARE, our community needs to look out for and support each other through this crisis.