The Things we do

The Production So Far - 7

Hey humans!

Right now, we have a team working on a documentary for S&S Turbines. This project has everyone from Eagle Vision involved and we are very excited to be working with these incredible humans.  

For me, the most exciting thing that’s happening is The Pineapple Cup: Task Of Doom!!! This game show is brought to you by Kent, our live guy:

The Pineapple Cup consists of several tasks that contestants (Eagle Vision employees) complete in secret from one another. They must be creative and efficient in completing the tasks in hopes of pleasing the Taskmaster who will award points. The winner will be the proud owner of the Golden Pineapple! The tasks are filmed and will be shown to our Taskmaster in a week and half. The full night of competition will be available online soon after the event!

Another video I can’t wait to show everyone, coming very soon, keep your eyes open for it!