The Things we do

Happy 150 Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada!The the city of Fort St. John hosted, once again, an excellent community event! Amazing setup from Sound in Town and the the rest of the vendors. Our City is doing better and better every year.

Energetic Services Inc.

At Eagle Vision we love showing the world what companies do best. In all our work we want to highlight the personality of the company and exactly why YOU are the best at what you do. This is why, when Energetic Services wanted to make a promotional video, they knew they wanted us for the job!

Meeting the Premier

It's not everyday you have the Premier of BC - Christy Clark and MLA Dan Davies come to your office! It was a privilege hosting them - we were honoured to give them a tour and tell a little about our work and vision. Thank you both for ensuring the northern voice is heard in the Legislative Assembly!

Working Traveler

We had the wonderful opportunity to work on a project in Switzerland in May. Europe is a sensational place to be with its mouth-watering food, wonderful people, and of course the breathtaking scenery! Here are "just a few" shots from our travels in France and Switzerland.

FairPlay Project - Switzerland

When Europe calls always answer in a hurry! Eagle Vision had the chance to work on the project FairPlay, in Switzerland. It was a great opportunity where we got to combine live action and animation and have some fun with green screens!