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The Production So Far - 8

For those just tuning in, this is Leanne reporting on Eagle Vision Video Production (EVVP) News! This past week has been packed with so much that I won’t be able to get to it all!

Coming in strong, utilizing almost the entire crew, we have our Super 8 Film that we shot last week! What a shoot it was! Cake, wooden swords, all led by an amazing girl of only 8. Due to it being entered into a contest, we won’t be able to show you the finished product for some time.


On Friday we had my personal favorite, The Pineapple Cup: Task of Doom, our Taskmaster, Arielle Ross, and Taskmaster’s Assistant, Kenton Evenson, were looking simply incredible. Once this footage is cut together, we will have it online for you to enjoy!

The Production So Far - 7

Hey humans!

Right now, we have a team working on a documentary for S&S Turbines. This project has everyone from Eagle Vision involved and we are very excited to be working with these incredible humans.  

For me, the most exciting thing that’s happening is The Pineapple Cup: Task Of Doom!!! This game show is brought to you by Kent, our live guy:

The Pineapple Cup consists of several tasks that contestants (Eagle Vision employees) complete in secret from one another. They must be creative and efficient in completing the tasks in hopes of pleasing the Taskmaster who will award points. The winner will be the proud owner of the Golden Pineapple! The tasks are filmed and will be shown to our Taskmaster in a week and half. The full night of competition will be available online soon after the event!

Another video I can’t wait to show everyone, coming very soon, keep your eyes open for it!

The Production So Far - 6

The truly incredible aspect of my job is that it’s very rare to have two weeks identical to each other. For that reason, this week I have decided to show you two slideshows. One is of my coworkers and how I get to see them when they are on the job. The second is a few shots I was able to capture on a one-day job up to Hudson’s Hope.

It feels sometimes like this blog is just for me to tell you all how incredible each and everyone of my coworkers are! I’m so lucky to work with these positive, supportive, creative and very unique people. You won’t always see everyone in my blog each week because some people may be on holidays or I might not have had a chance to work with them that week. So I apologise if you aren’t seeing someone as much as another person.

A very wise person once told me, “Lean into what you like, be your authentic self and you will find your style.” There are going to be a lot of people telling you how your shots should look. Taking positive criticism and learning from it is always good, however if you are trying to find your style or your look, it’s okay to take your time and find what speaks to you. Not only that but as you grow so will your style, leave room to be the type of photographer you want to be. Very few people find it right away, for most of us it take years and you never know when you get there. So take your time to really enjoy learning about yourself along the way because you’re awesome!

Make Memories and Stay Creative!

The Production So Far - 5

This past week I didn’t have a chance to take too many photos, so I went back through the summer and randomly picked a few shots! 

The work dynamic here at EVVP are pretty incredible. Being in an office where everyone thinks a little bit differently but really respects each other’s opinion makes for some interesting conversations. I can’t say enough great things about each and every one of my coworkers. If you are a friend of mine (I’m Leanne) then you will know how much I enjoy all of the people I get to work with and how much I love my job. 

I’m excited for the future and what it will bring for the EV Crew! You will be seeing a lot more of us. ☺

The Production So Far - 4

The Jesse and Leanne team up were at it again! Saturday the 24th we had the joy and privilege of shooting Janine and Jason’s wedding. I could go on and on about how perfectly beautiful their wedding was, how every detail, down to the coasters, was perfectly thought out. Or how speeches were not only personal, but unique (Made of Honor we’re looking at you) and heartfelt, so much so that you could feel the love from each and every person in the room. I don’t need to go on and on because Jesse is putting together a short video to share and a longer video for the family that will be coming soon!


With three members of our staff gone this week it was pretty quiet around the office. Take a look at some pictures from the past few days!